We do customized group tours and do not have any set departures for individuals to join, except for groups that have organized a tour with us and have space available (see “Join a Tour” below). For sample tours please click on the following:

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National Nordic Museum’s Viking Trip: August 21-September 3, 2023
After a very successful tour in 2022 visiting  Museums in the Nordic capital cities, we helped the museum put together a tour that will visit major Viking sites in Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. We’ll have overnight stays in Reykjavik, Stockholm, Visby, Copenhagen and Oslo, which all have museums with Viking artifacts. In addition, we’ll make excursions into the countryside to visit important Viking historical sites, such at Thingvellir in Iceland,  Gamla Uppsala,  Birka and Trelleborg in Sweden, Roskilde in Denmark and the Borre burial mounds in Norway. Accompanying the group on the tour will be Eric Nelson, Executive Director/CEO of the National Nordic Museum and noted Viking expert, University of Washington Professor Terje Leiren. Terje will give three lectures during the tour and will be available to answer any questions you many have during the course of the tour. For more information click here.

Knitting Tour to  Estonia/Latvia and Stockholm: October 28 – November 7, 2023
We have previously done two very successful knitting tours for Battenkill Fibers – Norway in 2017 and Denmark in 2019. We are now working on a Baltic Knitting Tour, 2023. This tour will start in Stockholm and then take the scenic overnight cruise to Tallin and visit Haapsalu and Muhu Island before continuing to Riga, Latvia. Along the way, the group will have six workshops with leading Baltic knitters and visit some sights. 

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Andrew, the owner of Active Norway Tours, can be booked as a guide in Oslo through Tours By Locals. His full day Oslo Carpe Diem tour will show you most of the city’s sights.